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Barkly Challenge, Mount Isa


In the month June it will be possible for cyclists to travel to Australia. Here you can take part in the Barkly Challenge in Mount Isa (Queensland). In cooperation with the organization committee of this cycling event, World Wide Cycling will put together a travel to Australia.

You can choose to go only for this event but you can also stay longer and see more from Australia. The return-ticket is open so you can decide yourself. The Australian people you will meet are friendly and will be helpful with planning the rest of your trip.


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The Barkly Challenge is a two day cycling event, being organized for the 10th time in 2003. There are several different categories ranging from the A-grade (with top-level elite cyclists from all over the world) to the “social” D-grade which is open for any cyclist.


The roads are wide and of good quality, they lead through the rough landscape of the Australian Outback.


The organization committee of the Barkly Challenge is known for the great event they put together every year. Cyclists from all over Australia fly to Mount Isa to take part in the event. Last year several riders from other continents travelled to Australia to take part in the A-grade race. This race is one of Australia’s richest domestic races and is growing stronger every year.


The event consists of four different parts. On Saturday morning, June 16, it starts with a prologue, this is a short time trial (4 kilometre). The first stage is a road race (different distances for the different categories), the second stage is a criterium in the centre of the town (on a fast 600 meter course around a block) and the final fourth stage is on Sunday a road race.

On Sunday afternoon after the Barkly Challenge, the Hill Climb Fun Challenge will take place. All cyclists can start in the time trial going up the Telstra Hill, a 1 kilometre very steep hill.


Mount Isa is a mining town in the outback of Queensland, Australia. It is a very friendly community of 25.000 people and it is well reputed for it’s hospitality to visitors. The reason of the existence of this town is the copper that was found in the beginning of last century. The mine is a big landmark in this town. You can join an underground tour of the Mount Isa Mines!



The town is surrounded by the endless landscape of the Australian Outback. Red coloured hills with low bushes, which make the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You can see Kangaroos hopping along the roads. You will discover this typical Australian nature during the Bush Tour.


The complete arrangement consist of the following:

- return flight with Malaysian Airlines * Amsterdam-Brisbane with an open date return-flight (other airports are possible click here)

- domestic return flight Brisbane-Mount Isa

- four nights accomodation in Mount Isa including meals

- participation in the Barkly Challenge

- an underground tour of Mount Isa Mines

- a Bush Tour of the outback

The total cost will be about USD 1750,- Ask us for the price departing from your favourite airport. Click here.


* On the flight to Australia a stop-over is planned in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). You can take advantage of this to discover Kuala Lumpur, go there by bus and see the twin-towers and do some shopping at the interesting markets. Or stay at the modern airport and relax (it is one of the most beautiful airports in the world).


If you are interested and would like to be updated about this travel, Or if you have questions click here and fill out your name, e-mailadress or telephone number and your question.



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