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Marco Polo Cycling Club


The Marco Polo Cycling Team raced in the spring of 2003 in South-America, Chile and in the USA. In the USA the team participated in the Sea Otter Classic.


The team had the following line-up:

Nathan Dahlberg from New Zealand

Michael Carter from the USA

Cory Lange from Canada

Kay Kermer from Germany

Felix Rohrbach from Germany

Jamsran Ulzii-Orshikh from Mongolia  


Here a report from Felix Rohrbach, rider on the team: 


After a very tough "Vuelta de Chile" we flew back to Atlanta just one day later and than further to San Francisco where the "Sea Otter Classic" starts just two days after Chile! For the report from the Vuelta de Chile click here.


Michael Carter and Cory Lange went back home after Chile and they were replaced by Tim Wilson and Matt Usborne.


Our team management has organized that we can stay with people from Global Cyclists Exchange in Santa Cruz. I stayed in the house of Tim, a real friendly man. It was a very interesting time there. That was much better than staying in a hotel all the time! not that comfortable (sleeping on the floor), but much more fun with the other team members.

Many well known teams were at the start list - US Postal, Saturn, 7up, Prime Alliance and many other big teams.


Kay Kermer between the US Pro-teams. (Photo: Kay Kermer)


The first race was stopped by some famous riders from the big teams because of the dangerous streets. they arranged that all the price money of all the riders should go to the family of a child who died a few weeks before in a cycling race. That was a very good idea. We started the race again and every team send just one rider to the final sprint because of the dangerous arrival. I got 5th in that sprint and got a medal!

Next stages were in the Redwoods and on the Laguna Seca raceway track! that was very interesting to race on such track! a big event every day - real American! There was mountainbike-, downhill-, dual slalom races and much other stuff to look at took place in this area.

But in our races we had much problems to follow - it was very fast!

After this stage race there was a Criterium in Santa Cruz. Here I got 6th, that was good for the nearly lost moral. After that we were sightseeing in Santa Cruz - looking to the many surfer stunts. all together a very nice time there! hopefully next year again but with some races in the legs before!

ciao felix

The Marco Polo Cycling Team in Santa Cruz. From left to right, Kay Kermer, Felix Rohrbach, Tim McClosky from Global Cyclists Exchange, Jamsran Ulzii-Orshikh and Tim Wilson. (Photo: Global Cyclists Exchange)


Thank's a lot to the people from Global Cyclists Exchange for taking so good care of the team!



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