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For the Vredestein-Gazelle Team that went to the Tour de China in 1999 it was very hard, mainly because of the weather. Temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius (105 F) were no exception. Beijing had itís hottest day since 1915 when the tour had it's final stage (170km, with a lot of climbing). Our riders had to recover for a long time, before any of them did get in a top shape again, after this race.



The Tour de China crossing Huairou, lots of people came out to watch the caravan pass by.

Still, they didnít do bad after all. The Kazachstan national team was a little bit better then the Vredestein-Gazelle Team, just like the Japanese national team. Dennis Hammink was leader in the points classment, for a long time and in the final stage Dahlberg almost surprised the leaders by gaining over 6 minutes by an early attack. The Asiatic teams got together and closed the gap with the leading group in the final kilometres. Hammink got third in the points classment, Dahlberg seventh in the general classment. With a little bit stronger team, we are going for the big win in 2000!

The Tour de China is on national television in China for over two hours, every year!


Finish on top of Xiezishi Hill.                                               The Team in front of a hotel.


Dennis Hammink on the podium for the general classment in the sprint points. 



The colourful peloton going through Changping.               Making fun with a riksjah, it never went so fast. 



The Vredestein-Gazelle Team, together with their interpreter, enjoying the chinese food, of course with chop-sticks.


All Photo's were taken by Sander Kleine.





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