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                 Tour d'Indonesia 2004



Marco Polo Cycling Club

Nathan Dahlberg from New Zealand, president of the Marco Polo Cycling Club and this season team manager of the Marco Polo Cycling Team has won the Tour d’Indonesia.


Nathan Dahlberg took the yellow leader jersey in the third stage and the team defended his lead successfully. This is the second international tour that the Marco Polo Cycling Club won this year, after Cory Lange's victory in the Tour de Korea.

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The Marco Polo Cycling Club raced in Indonesia under the name: Greenfield Fresh Milk. The Tour d’Indonesia or Dji Sam Soe Tour is sponsored by a cigarette brand. Because the name Marco Polo is also used as a cigarette brand in Indonesia, the Marco Polo Cycling Club team name was not allowed. So the team is racing under the name of our sponsor for this Tour d’Indonesia: Greenfield Fresh Milk.


For further results and reports from Indonesian newspapers, check the Indonesia item in Marco Polo Cycling Club Forum, under general chat. WWW.MARCOPOLOCYCLING.COM


The following riders race for the Marco Polo Cycling Club in Indonesia: Nathan Dahlberg and Ben Robson (New Zealand), Anno Pedersen (Netherlands), Stig Damm and Morton Knudsen (Denmark).


Tour d’Indonesia 2004 – Dji Sam Soe Tour 2004-09-30


25/9 Welcome party 19:00

26/9 14-15 License controle 15 Technical meeting

27/9 9:00 Jakarta-Subang_Lembang 181km

28/9 9:00 Bandung - Tasik Malaya 145 km

29/9 9:00 Tasikmalaya - Purwokerto 159 km 14:00 (to Semarang by bus)

30/9 9:00 Semarang - Jogjakarta 180km

1/10 Rest

2/10 9:00 Jogjakarta - Madiun 180 km

3/10 9:00 Madiun - Kediri - Surabaya 234 km

4/10 9:00 Surabaya - Jember 180 km

5/10 9:00 Jember - Banyuwangi 109 km

6/10 9:00 Gilimanuk - Denpasar 132 km 19:00 Closing ceremony


Total 1500 km



Here follow some photos from the Tour d’Indonesia or Dji Sam Soe Tour. Nathan Dahlberg from New Zealand, president of the Marco Polo Cycling Club and rider/manager of the team won the overall General Classification.


The Tour d’Indonesia went through the most beautiful landscapes. Here you see Ben Robson leading a breakaway group through fields of rice.


The team rode in special jerseys and under the name of the sponsor for this tour; Greenfields Fresh Milk.


The pictures are provided by Matthijs Wiggers and Dji Sam Soe - Danu Kusworo.  


Nathan in action. It was hot, very hot, therefore you need to drink a lot.



Ben Robson in action in the peloton, behind him the car feeds the riders.


The Tour de Indonesia in full action.



After stage 3 Nathan took the yellow leader jersey and kept it till the end.


At the rest day, the team went training. Stig Damm, Nathan Dahlberg and Anno Pedersen.  


The major of the village Renga Deng thought it was such an honour to have the leader of the Tour d’Indonesia in his city that he decided to give him some holy cows. Here you see Nathan with the 3 cows he won on the way back to the hotel. There are rumours that the team enjoyed a few pounds of steak for dinner. (Phototrick by Francis Cerny)



Normally a simple red flag shows where the last kilometre begins. Here on Bali this impressive monument marked the last kilometre of the last stage. Nathan in yellow rides in the front of the peloton and is sure to win the Tour d’Indonesia now.


The Marco Polo – Greenfields Fresh Milk team at the podium for winning the team classification of the Tour d’Indonesia 2004.


Nathan Dahlberg with the cup for the overall winner in the general classification.



The job done: Nathan finally has a break on the beach.


More photos of the Tour d'Indonesia 2004 at the site of Matthijs Wiggers:



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