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World Wide Cycling has send two teams to the Tour du Maroc 2001, being held from April 2 to 15. The Marco Polo Cycling Club (Netherlands) and NZMBA-Marco Polo Cycling Club (New Zealand) have participated in the international cycling race of Morocco.


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Nathan Dahlberg had great succes, he won the 5th stage, took the leader jersey and kept it the following 9 days and won the Tour du Maroc!


Nathan Dahlberg in the leader jersey, together with the Dutch selection of the Marco Polo Cycling Club. From left to right; Lex Nederlof, Anno Pedersen, Nathan Dahlberg, Roel van Schalen, Alexander van Bavel, on the ground; Remko Kramer and Dennis Hammink. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


The following riders formed the Dutch team from the Marco Polo Cycling Club that participated in the Tour du Maroc:


Pedersen, Anno  Best Results: Tour de china 2000 9th

Hammink, Dennis  Best Results: 2nd stage in Tour de Hokkaido,1st Gennep, 1st and 2nd stages Islamabad-Lahore Pakistan, 2nd Ronostrand (Classic), 3rd Kerspelen (Classic), 2nd sprintclassification Tour de China

Kramer, Remko  Best results: 1st Ensenada (Mexico), 1st Santa Cruz (USA), 2nd Brisbane (Australia), 3rd stage Islamabad-Lahore (Pakistan), 4th Sacramento (USA).

Schalen, Roel van Best Results: 1st Waterschapsronde 1997, mountainjersey Tour du Gard 96 and 97, 1st stage Tour des Hautes Pyrenees 99, 1st Beek, 9th G.C. Burkina Faso

Bavel, Alexander van  Best Results: 1999: 1st Tilburg, 1st Aubel(B), 1st Wessem, 1st Tegelen. 2000: National team champion Netherlands, 3th Magraten(Classic)

Nederlof, Lex  Best Results: 1st Drielandenomloop (Classic), winner green jersey Tour of Sweden, winner Fleche du Sud (stage race Luxembourg), 1st stage Fleche du Sud, 2x Dutch Champion Team Time Trial with Westland Wil Vooruit 


For Marco Polo Cycling Club New Zealand the following riders were selected:


Dahlberg, Nathan Best Results: participated twice in Tour de France, 1st stage Tour de Suisse,1st stage Tour de Mexico, 1st stage Tour of England, 1st Tour of Cascades. 

In 2000 Nathan won 10 races, one of them was a stage in the Pahang Cycling Challenge in Malaysia.

Mitchell, Glen Best Results: National Champion 98 and 99 Road Race, Olympic Games Team 96 and 2000, Oceania Road Champion 98,99, Stage Win 2000 Tour de Langkawi, Winner Tour Southland 2000, 2nd Killington Tour 2000

Vesty, Brendon Best Results: Stage wins in Sun Tour(2), Tour of South Africa, Tour of Wellington, Tour of Tasmania.Overall GC in Tour of Taiwan, tour of wellington.

Reid, Robin  Best Results: 1999 - 2nd Oceania road race, Sydney, 5th Ind. time trial.; Commonwealth Bank Classic; Tour de Hokkaido, Japan; 10th g.c. Tour of Wellington UCI 2.5
2000 Tour of Tahiti, 3rd g.c.; 1st stage one and yellow jersey, Tour of Wellington NZ.; Tour of Tasmania; Tour of Southland NZ, 2nd points , 3rd King of Mountains 11th g.c.

Thomson, Craig Best Results: 2000 - 2nd in a stage of Tour of Pahang. 1999 - 1st Overall in Tour of Pakistan , 1st in stage 2. 2nd , under-23 New Zealand Road Race Championchips , 180km. 1998 - Bordeaux, France - 1st  Tour De Medoc, 1st Aerchon Criterium, 1st Sigalens road race, 1st Saint Andre De Cubzac Criterium

Vincent, Tim Best Results: 1st Perlis Open International Mountain Bike Race Malaysia, 1st Elite Man, Grand-Raid Cristalp Mountain Bike Marathon, Switzerland, 1st Team Selangor Open Road Race Malaysia, 6th Islamabad-Lahore Road Race Pakistan


The program of the Tour du Maroc 2001:


02.04 - stage 1: Rabat - Meknès = 138 km
03.04 - stage 2: Souk El Arbaa - Tanger = 160 km
04.04 - stage 3: Tanger - Tétouan = 106 km
05.04 - stage 4: Ouazzane - Fès = 162 km
06.04 - stage 5: Fès- Khénifra = 140 km
07.04 - stage 6: Khénifra - Beni Mellal = 130 km
08.04 - stage 7: Beni Mellal - Marrakech = 180 km
09.04:  Restday at Marrakech
10.04 - stage 8: Imintanout - Agadir = 151 km
11.04 - stage 9: Agadir - Essaouira = 173 km
12.04 - stage 10: Essaouira - Ounara - Essaouira = Time Trial = 49,5 km
13.04 - stage 11: Essaouira - Safi = 147 km
14.04 - stage 12: Safi - El Jadida = 157 km
15.04 - stage 13: El Jadida - Casablanca = 150 km




March 31st 

The Marco Polo Cycling Club travelled with two teams to Morocco; a Dutch selection of Marco Polo Cycling Club members and in cooperation with NZMBA; Marco Polo Cycling New Zealand.

After arrival in Casablana we were picked up by the race organisers and together with a German team from Berlin we were brought to a complex of the ministry of Sports.

We got a little nervous after we saw the other teams that would take part in the Tour du Maroc. Trade Teams II from Italy, Colombia, Poland and France, Trade Teams III from Denmark and Switserland and National Teams from Egypt, Tunisia, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Algeria and Morocco.


April 1

First day in Morocco was spent on preparing the bicycles and a training to Rabat, the capitol of Morocco. We went easy and enjoyed the landscape of the coast and the typical buildings of Morocco; Mosques.


April 2

We were taken by bus to the start of the Tour du Maroc in Rabbat. Because there was a lot of traffic in the city we were running late on program. After the start the peloton rode 500 meters until we came in a huge traffic jam. The riders all came through but after that the peloton was racing without a course director. Luckily some Morrocan riders knew we still had to go to a presentation in the centre of Rabat. Amazingly they were able to stop the peloton and all riders turned around and were welcomed by music groups and thousands of spectators at the official start.


A music band to entertain the spectators and cyclists at the start in Rabat. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


The first days of the Tour du Maroc the cross-winds sometimes split the peloton. But most of the time the stages were decided in field sprints. In the first stage New zealander Glenn Mitchel was up front and attacked to the last curve. Only Andrus Aug (Amore & Vita) caught his wheel and beat him in the sprint. The Dutch team tried to lead out Dennis Hammink a couple of times but it was hard because the signs to mark the distance were invisible behind the many spectators.


An amazing view entering one of the royal cities; Meknes.

(Photographer; Francis Cerny)


April 6


Fès- Khénifra

Most riders were scared of the climb of the 2nd category starting after 30 kilometres. An early break with Nathan Dahlberg and Roel van Schalen went immediately after the start. The group almost was caught on top of the mountain, Roel was dropped, but 10 riders kept the lead. Because of the warm weather, the hard circuit and the headwind the peloton went “piano”.

The Frenchman Lecrosnier and the Italian Baliani were the best classified riders in this group. But with 20 kilometres to go Nathan put on the turbo and went solo. He gained 1 minute on Lecrosnier and almost two minutes on the rest of the group. The peloton finished more then 10 minutes later.

Nathan was the new leader in General Classification.


Nathan Dahlberg on the Podium in Kenifra after he gained the leader jersey. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


The next days the New Zealanders worked like crazy for Nathan. Not one serious break-away had a chance. And if the main opponents went Nathan was always strong enough to go.


Also in the mountains the New Zealand team could keep control.























A winding road going into the mountains.

(Photographer; Francis Cerny)


April 8


Beni Mellal – Marrakech

In the longest stage with the rest day in Marrakech in sight everything seemed easy going until half-way. On a small hill the Polish Atlas team attacked and in the wind the peloton was shattered into pieces. Nathan had no problem staying in the first echelon and kept his leader jersey.


A colourfull dance group watching the start of the 8th stage in Imintanout. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


April 10


Imintanout – Agadir

Starting in the heat of the inland, going over three mountains and finishing in Agadir on the coast. Anno Pedersen was suffering with health problems and had to stop the race. The main group was going to a sprint finish. Alexander van Bavel tried to get away a couple of times in the finally. But it came down to a mass sprint.


The start in Imintanout, Remko Kramer and Nathan Dahlberg on the front. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


April 12


Essaouira - Ounara – Essaouira (Time Trial)

Nathan was nervous before the time trial. He is not a specialist and in 50 Kilometres a lot of time difference can be made. He lost 4 and half minute on the winner but he gained on his direct opponents.


The Last stages of the Tour du Maroc the riders had to ride against a hard head-wind from the coast. Most riders were tired after more then 10 days of racing, but the New Zealanders had to work every day.


A member of a music group is enthousiastic about the cyling race. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


April 15


El Jadida – Casablanca

The last stage of the Tour du Maroc became an easy ride until Casablanca. Everybody went easy and riders were joking on their bicycles. An Moroccan rider, for example, showed how he could pedal with his hands. When the peloton arrived in the suburbs of Casablanca huge crowds were waiting for action. Soon the first attacks came and the last 70 kilometre to the centre and the 7 local laps were a hard race. 

Alexander van Bavel tried a couple of times and with three laps to go he was of the front with a Moroccan rider. He was going strong and we started to believe in another success. However the last lap the Russians started riding and caught him with three kilometre to go.


After the finish in Casablanca. (Photographer; Francis Cerny)


Nathan had no problems this last stage and could celebrate his victory.


Nathan Dahlberg in the leader jersey, with 2nd placed Fortunato Baliani in the best climber jersey, Andrus Aug, winner of the last stage in green and the best Moroccan Tayed Ed-Daif in white.

(Photographer; Francis Cerny)





1. Andrus Aug (Est-Amo) 
2. Glenn Mitchell (NZl-MPCC)
3. Fredy Garcia (Col-Sel)

12. Lex Nederlof (NED-MPCC)

14. Brendon Vesty (NZl-MPCC)


Stage 2

1. Fredy Garcia (Col-Sel)
Stéphane Gremand (Swi-Fic)
3. René Obst (Ger-*El.2)

9. Glen Mitchel (NZl-MPCC)


Stage 3
1. Dimitri Galkin (Rus-*El.2)
2. Slavomir Kohut (Pol-Amo)
3. Nicolas White (Rsa-Hsb)


8. Brendon Vesty (NZl-MPCC)

12. Glen Mitchel (NZl-MPCC)


Stage 4
1. Marcin Sapa (Pol-Atl)
Taïb Eddaif (Mar-*El.2)
Piotr Zaradny (Pol-Atl)


19. Remko Kramer (NED-MPCC)

21. Dennis Hammink (NED-MPCC)


Stage 5
1. Nathan Dahlberg (NZl-MPCC) 4:13:10
2. Frédéric Lecroisnier (Fra-Sai) 0:56
3. Jacques Leroux (Rsa-*El.2) 1 :41


16. Dennis hammink (NED-MPCC)

20. Remko Kramer (NED-MPCC)


Stage 6
1. Marek Maciejewski (Pol-Atl)
2. Fredy Garcia (Col-Sel)
3. Piotr Zaradny (Pol-Atl)


13. Lex Nederlof (NED-MPCC)

16. Alexander van Bavel (NED-MPCC)

19. Roel van Schalen (NED-MPCC)

20. Remko Kramer (NED-MPCC)


Stage 7
1. Andrus Aug (Est-Amo) 
2. Piotr Zaradny (Pol-Atl)
3. Nicolas White (Rsa-Hsb)


12. Nathan Dahlberg (NZl-MPCC)

17. Robin Reid (NZl-MPCC)


Stage 8
1. Andrus Aug (Est-Amo) 
2. Piotr Zaradny (Pol-Atl)
3. Svetoslav Tchanliev (Bul-*El.2)


15. Alexander van Bavel (NED-MPCC)


Stage 9
1. Andrus Aug (Est-Amo) 
2. Piotr Zaradny (Pol-Atl)
3. Fredy Garcia (Col-Sel)


5. Glen Mitchel (NZl-MPCC)

12. Alexander van Bavel (NED-MPCC)



Stage 10 - time trial
1. Marcin Sapa (Pol-Atl) 
2. Nicola White (Rsa-Hsb)
Dmitrij Galkin (Rus-*El.2)


9. Glen Mitchel (NZl-MPCC)

10. Nathan Dahlberg (NZl-MPCC)


Stage 11
1. Piotr Zaradny Pol-Atl)
2. John Freddy Garcia (Col-Sel)
3. Marcin Lewandowski (Pol-Atl)


10. Brendon Vesty (NZl-MPCC)

16. Alexander van Bavel (NED-MPCC)


Stage 12
1. Piotr Zaradny Pol-Atl)
2. Marcin Lewandowski (Pol-Atl)
3. Svetoslav Tchanliev (Bul-*El.2)


12. Dennis Hammink (NED-MPCC)

16. Remko Kramer (NED-MPCC)

19. Nathan Dahlberg (NZl-MPCC)


Stage 13
1. Andrus Aug (Est-Amo) 
2. Piotr Zaradny (Pol-Atl)
3. Fredy Garcia (Col


9. Remko Kramer (NED-MPCC)

14. Dennis Hammink (NED-MPCC)


Final General Classification:


1. Nathan Dahlberg (NZl-MPCC)
Fortunato Baliani (Ita-Sel)
3. Marcin Lewandowski (Pol-Atl




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