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World Wide Cycling is an organization that promotes cycling as a sport throughout the world, especially in non-traditionalistic cycling countries. World Wide Cycling does this in a number of ways. By sending teams to foreign races, by providing knowledge to organizations, by organizing events and arranging trips to events.  

After years of experience with participation in races all over Europe, we got involved in racing on other continents in 1995. This started with outplacement of foreign riders, but soon went to participation in races and advising organizations. These are still the key activities of World Wide Cycling. 

Right now we are, without a doubt, the leading organization in road racing on a global basis. World Wide Cycling intents to keep this position, but also tries to broaden itís horizon by finding new activities. The cross-over to Mountainbike is planned for the next two years. We brought more marketing expertise in our organization, to get a stronger position in marketing and sponsoring of events in the future. 

World Wide Cycling will launch new ways of Cycling as a sport within the next few years. Concepts of new trends are being developed right now!  

World Wide Cycling was founded by former Tour de France pro Nathan Dahlberg from New-Zealand, Anno Pedersen and the brothers, Remko and Gudo Kramer from the Netherlands. Today it is a strong network of riders (professionals as well as top-amateurs), experienced staff (coaches; team managers; soigneurs; mechanics; exercise physiologists). They form a source of expertise in the field of bike racing. Apart from that, World Wide Cycling contains lots of experience in organizing events and arranging the logistics around these events.

The consultancy function combines expertise and experience in races and training programs with organizational power. Consulting World Wide Cycling has been valuable to a lot of organizations in the past.

In December 2000 we started the Marco Polo Cycling Club. This is a fast growing club that brings cyclists from all over the world together by the Internet. The Elite selection of the club travels to races on all continents. Cyclists from non-traditional cycling countries get chances to show their talent in Europe.


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