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The 1999 Islamabad-Lahore cycle race in Pakistan took place on 19 and 20 november. It took the riders in 3 stages from the capital Islamabad to Lahore. The last stage was a criterium around the famous cricket stadium in Lahore.

The first three stages were on the three lane highway from Islamabad to Lahore. (Photo: Francis Cerny)


An echelon of riders on the three lane highway. (Photo: Francis Cerny)

To Islamabad-Lahore (Pakistan) a race we partly organised ourselves, we sent 23 riders,teams from the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand. The local riders and the Pakistan and United Arab Emirates national teams tried hard, but the teams we sent won almost all the prizes. It is almost impossible to compete against these strong (semi-)prfofessional riders without hard competition in the legs.



The peloton entering Lahore.(Photo Francis Cerny)

Stages were won by Renger Ypenburg (NL) (2 stages), Dennis Hammink (NL) and Craig Thompson (NZL). Thompson also won the General Classment. With the first fifteen in the GC there was only one fabulous Pakistan rider (8th!).





Head-referee Martin Bruin giving information to     the riders before the start of the criterium in   Lahore. (Photo: Erik Neeskes)

The referees were also arranged by World Wide Cycling. They brought their own equipment and took care of the results. Head-referee was the experienced Martin Bruin, who was referee in many major races, even in the Tour de France. 





The field all strung out during the criterium around the cricket stadium in Lahore. (Photo: Francis Cerny)


The exciting field sprint of the criterium with the winner Dennis Hammink on the right and Graig Thompson in the leader jersey in a very close finish. (Photo: Francis Cerny)




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