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A rider of the Pakistan National Team. (Photo: Francis Cerny)

The 1999 Islamabad-Lahore cycle race in Pakistan took place on 19 and 20 november. This event was organized to raise funds for Kosovo. World Wide Cycling helped the local organization to make this cycling event happen.

We sent 23 riders, teams from the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand with their coaches. Mechanics, soigneurs and even the referees were flown over to Pakistan.   

Two of the four stages were also open to recreational cyclists. These stages had a long neutralisation with an average speed of 30 kmph after which the race was open. On this way it was possible for guests to join a real cycling race.  

The three lane highway from Islamabad to Lahore was completely closed during the races. More then 50 cars formed the caravan that followed the race. This included police escorte, team cars, press, trucks and busses for transportation of cyclists, helpers and luggage.  

On the highway from Islamabad to Lahore. All cars, trucks and busses behind the field belonged to the caravan of the race. (Photo: Francis Cerny)

After the first two stages all people involved in the race camped out in a tent camp halfway to Lahore. The cyclists were welcomed with flowerchains and traditional Pakistan music groups.

Cyclists joined the traditional Pakistan dancers.                   The price winners with their trophie's. (Photo's: Francis Cerny)

After the final stage there was a great closing ceremonie in the garden of the Pearl- Continental Hotel in Lahore. All people that made this event possible could enjoy a delicious buffet. Also the cyclists helped raising funds for charity by donating a big part of the price money. 

The decorated garden of the Pearl Continental Hotel was the decor of the closing ceremonie with buffet. (Photo: Wilco Geerts)




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