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Marco Polo Cycling Club

l Islamabad-Lahore Cycle Race. (Photo Francis Cerny)

This is the World Wide Cycling race archive.


For more recent reports, you can visit our diary archive on cyclingnews: Marco Polo diary


And for the latest news the Trek - Marco Polo Cycling Team website.


In this archive you can find reports from the past about cycling races all over the world where the Marco Polo Cycling Club traveled. These are adventures, sometimes easy, nice and sunny and sometimes under the most extreme conditions.


You can read the Marco Polo Cycling Club adventures, racing results and take a look at photos.




Several podium placings in Tour d'Indonesia


Rhys Pollock 2 times 2nd in Qinghai Lake Tour


Robin Reid 3rd in the East Java Tour


3rd in the Tour de Korea


5th place between Tour de France pro's in the Tour of Qatar




Asia: Marco Polo Cycling Team 2nd in the Tour de China


Marco Polo Cycling Team 3rd in the Tour de Hokkaido (Japan)


The Marco Polo Cycling Team wins individual as well as team GC in the Tour de Korea!


The Marco Polo Cycling Club wins the Tour of Sri Lanka.


Marco Polo wins the first Hong Kong Cycle Classic.





Asia: Two stage win and two days tour leader in Korea: Tour de Korea  


Marco Polo Cycling Team racing at altitude in the Qinghai Lake Tour 2003 (China).


Tour de Hokkaido in Japan.


Africa: Marco Polo wins the Tour du Faso for the 2nd time.


South-America: Marco Polo Cycling Team raced this spring in the Vuelta de Chile


USA: After Chile, the team traveled to the USA for the Sea Otter Classic




Asia: Marco Polo Cycling Club won three stages and the GC in the Tour de Beijing (China).


Marco Polo Cycling Club travel to Thailand and Japan.


Marco Polo Cycling Club in Qinghai-Tibet  a race at high altitude in China.


Marco Polo Cycling Club with two teams to China; Tour de China and the Qinghai Lake Tour at high altitude.


Marco Polo Cycling Club in Tour de Korea 


Africa: Marco Polo Cycling Club in the Tour du Faso.


USA: Marco Polo Cycling Club in California Series






The first year of the Marco Polo Cycling Club! And what a year! 


4 victories in international stage races!


Nathan Dahlberg (New Zealand) wins the Tour du Maroc in Africa!


Jamsran Ulzii-Orshikh (Mongolia) wins Qinghai-Tibet at altitude in China


Joost Legtenberg (Netherlands) wins the Tour du Faso in Africa!


Peep Mikli (Estonia) wins the Pahang Cycling Challenge in Malaysia.


Two stage wins for the Marco Polo cycling Club in Inner-Mongolia; Tour de China.


A stage win for the Marco Polo Cycling Club in Japan: Tour de Hokkaido (UCI 2.5)


A race in Hong Kong, Macau and China in December: The Tour of South China Sea.


Racing in the USA: California Series 2001




World Wide Cycling has organized the travels for several teams to races in many different countries. We specialize in races in non-traditional cycling countries. For example, we sent teams to races in Uruguay, China, Estonia, Pakistan and Japan.

In December 2000 we founded the Marco Polo Cycling Club to give our activities a name and identity. 


In 2000, the World Wide Cycling teams raced in the Tour de China and the Tour de Hokkaido (Japan).

And participated in several races in Malaysia.

South-America: Bolivia In November a team took part in a stage race at high altitude in Bolivia.




1999 we participated in cycling races in Uruguay and China. And of course in the event World Wide Cycling organised in Pakistan; the Islamabad Lahore international cycling race.



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