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Marco Polo Cycling Club

Race Archive 2001:


The first year of the Marco Polo Cycling Club! And what a year! 


4 victories in international stage races!


Nathan Dahlberg (New Zealand) wins the Tour du Maroc in Africa!


Jamsran Ulzii-Orshikh (Mongolia) wins Qinghai-Tibet at altitude in China


Joost Legtenberg (Netherlands) wins the Tour du Faso in Africa!


Peep Mikli (Estonia) wins the Pahang Cycling Challenge in Malaysia.


Two stage wins for the Marco Polo cycling Club in Inner-Mongolia; Tour de China.


A stage win for the Marco Polo Cycling Club in Japan: Tour de Hokkaido (UCI 2.5)


A race in Hong Kong, Macau and China in December: The Tour of South China Sea.


Racing in the USA: California Series 2001




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