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In  the complete package of activities of WWC, there are a lot of possibilities for sponsors to get big media exposure. Most of the races we are involved in, are the big international Tours of countries. Most of the time these Tours are being covered by national television and all the national newspapers. In a country like China this means that a lot of people see the logos on the jerseys of the winners and the banners at the finish!

Until now we haven’t worked hard on finding sponsoring, because we wanted the ‘content’ to be good first. Now that this is the case, we can offer some different packages of sponsoring. 

Sponsoring World Wide Cycling:

Is your company interested in building a partnership which brings exposure in mass media all over the world? Is your company interested in getting linked to the global development of the cycling sport?

Please contact us, we can get you in all the Tours in non-traditional cycling countries, the events and the trips to these events will all have the name of your company. All our staff and riders will wear clothes with your name on them and we’ll have some amazing hospitality programs.

Sponsoring of teams:

It is possible to sponsor a team to a certain race. As soon as our program for 2001 is complete, we’ll put it on the site, together with the media coverage of these races. If  you are interested in sponsoring a team all year, doing all these races, see the team sponsoring proposal.

Sponsoring of races and events:

If your company wants to sponsor a certain race or event, or wants to be present at a lot of events. We can help you with that, we have good contacts with a lot of organisations that are hard to contact.



For more information contact World Wide Cycling.



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