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The Tour de Okinawa is a big cycling event, which has been organized for over ten years now. There are various different touring events and some races for over a 1000 participants. The touring events vary from family cycling to the big two day tour around the island (387 km).The events will take place on November 8 and 9, 2003. This event is perfectly planed and organized. 

Cyclists of the Champion Race suffering over one of the hills. (Photo: Organisation Committee Tour de Okinawa) 

The citizenís races are 50/80/120/200 km. These races all follow the course of the Championís race. This is the big international race in which several foreign national teams and professional teams will participate. Last year it was won by professional Mark Walters from Canada. Riders arrive one by one or in little groups at the finish, this means that itís a hard course!

It goes from sea level to 500m max., the longest climb is 7 km., this means over 7% average. The race also goes a lot of times up and down to 200m, especially in the last 40 kmís.

The days before the event you have enough time to adjust to the time and wheater difference. You can train by yourself, with the group and there will be a training together with the professionals that race in the champions race. To test your legs we will organize a Mountain time trial on Wednesday.

The Tour de Okinawa starts with the traditional Japanese opening ceremonie. All participants toast a drink with the organisers, on the Japanese way saying "kampai". The organisation takes care of feeding and drinking during the event. And participants are insured by the organisation in case of accidents in the Tour. Of course it is your own responsability to arrange a travel insurance and to make sure that your medical insurance covers worldwide. 

Promotional poster for the Tour de Okinawa.

You can choose the ride you like. It is possible to participate in the two day tour around the island. This 387 km long ride is with an over-night stay half-way. You can ride in your own tempo and enjoy the beauty of the island. 

The other options are the citizen's races. These are  rides in which you can compete with japanese cyclists. The distances you can choose are 50, 80 120 or for the real die-hards 200 km.

Unfortunately for female participants, it is only allowed to start in the women's 50 km citizen's race or the two day tour around the island.

After the event there is a great closing ceremonie in Japanese style with delicious food and drinks. Every participant that finishes on time receives an award.

If you are interested and would like to be updated about this travel, Or if you have questions click here and fill out your name, e-mailadress or telephone number and your question.

island info the event travel program



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