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Map of Okinawa.

Okinawa is one of the most southern islands of Japan. It has a subtropical  climate and is therefore a perfect destination for a holiday. Okinawa has perfect cycling conditions; it is possible to ride on the flat as long as you stay on the roads along the sea. If you cross the island, however, you always have to go over the hills, this means an altitude difference of 200-400 meters.

One of the many beautiful beaches on Okinawa.

In november the temperature you can expect will be between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius with lots of sunshine.

All around the island there are beautiful beaches. You can visit them by bicycle or with swimsuit and towel. 

Nakijin castle ru´ns. 

Apart from cycling we will also visit some tourist sights. Okinawa has a rich history. It used to be the trade portal between Japan and China. There are traces of the Ryukyu culture all over the island. We will visit interesting sights with cultural heritage.

After a hard climb you can enjoy the view over the island.

We will visit the Nakijin castle ruins. There is a great view over the ocean from these fascinating ruins of what used to be a mighty palace.  

Ocean Expo Park.

Ocean Expo Park is a beautiful park, which contains several attractions worth visiting, like the oceanic culture museum, a native Okinawan village, botanical gardens and of course the aquarium. This is one of the biggest in the world with a giant Whale Shark among many other tropical fish. A big dolphin show makes it even more fun to visit.


Underground headquarters of the Japanese army: these were used in the 2nd World War. Okinawa was one of the first Islands to be attacked by the Americans. The Battle of Okinawa is still a famous one. When the Japanese knew that they lost this battle, thousands of Japanese committed suicide in the underground headquarters. They were first found three weeks after the Americans took possession of Okinawa. We will visit these underground headquarters. Some parts have been left in the same state as they were found after the end of the war. 

Now you have the opportunity to fight your own Battle of Okinawa on the bike. 


The beautiful underwaterworld of Okinawa.

Okinawa has excellent coral reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water is crystal clear and there is an enourmous diversity of tropical fish. You will get the chance to discover this world underwater when we go snorkeling at one of the many great spots.  

In Pineapple Park it is possible to see how pineapples grow on Okinawa. Everything can be bought, pineapples, pineapple juice and pineapple wine. Also a good place to buy some souvenirs. 

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island info the event travel program



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