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World Wide Cycling used to organise travels to cycling events. Currently we focus on the Marco Polo Cycling Team professional cycling team.


Here you find examples of travels in the past.


World Wide Cycling makes it possible for you to travel all over the world to races and rides, just like the pro's.


- Training camp New Zealand. Travel in the wintertime at the Northern hemisphere, with Tim Vincent to the other side of the world and train under great conditions.

Travel with Tim Vincent to New Zealand.

Travel with us to Australia.

A mountainbike event in Turkey.

The Tour de Okinawa in Japan.

Travel to New Zealand.


Travel in June to Australia to participate in the Barkly Challenge in Mount Isa. Discover the Outback of Australia and enjoy a great cycling event.

June/July you can participate in a mountainbike event in Turkey.

Click here for more information about the travel to the Tour de Okinawa in Japan.

Click here for more information about the travel to New Zealand.

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